Trainings Management

Know who needs to be trained on what and when.

Are you having difficulty keeping track of training courses that your employees have taken?

Do you know when they need to be scheduled for a refresher course?

Are you tracking courses taken with employee's prior employers?

Are you being cited for employees not having all the required trainings?

Are you tracking required and non-required courses separately?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need our Trainings Management system.

Silver Hammer's Trainings Management system enables you to schedule, manage and track all training courses. Our simple to use software tracks everything you need to ensure your staff has completed or is scheduled to attend all required training courses. Automated email reminders are sent to employees with information about the course. The system also tracks non required courses.

Don't get cited again!
Eliminate the tedious, time-consuming work of tracking required trainings with our fully customizable web based Trainings software.

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