Supervision is an essential and integral part of any behavioral health or addiction recovery organization.

Do you conduct monthly supervision meetings with your staff; assign goals; issue warnings? Our Supervision module will help you monitor all of those and take the challenges out of clinical supervisions once and for all.

Supervision Meetings

Our software will track all components of your supervision meeting including issues, tasks, performance, planning and any other item your organization needs.

Goal Setting

Create and track individual employee goals, how it is to be measured, date your employee is expected to meet the goal and the status of each goal


Don't let warnings fall through the cracks. Our Supervisions system gives you the ability to track dates and types of incidents, violation types and a description of the incidents.


Supervisors will have access to a complete history of all supervision meetings, goals and warnings for an employee. When and employee is transferred their new supervisor will have access to this information.

Effective management of staff supervisions is a vital function of your organization. Supervision programs should be tailored to the unique needs of each organization and its staff. Our custom designed supervisions module does exactly that.

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