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In a time when behavioral health care facilities have hundreds of compliance requirements to adhere to and extensive demands on their time, manual methods of policies and procedure management are no longer effective. It is important to be able to update policies and procedures in real time, so that changes go into effect immediately. Employees need the ability to easily access and search policy and procedure documents. That's much easier to do when those documents are readily available online, as opposed to being hidden away in a binder somewhere.

How Our Policies & Procedures System Can Help

Our powerful, system enables you to create a standardized, searchable library of your organization's policies and procedures, and that's just the beginning. Our software also offers these great features:

  • Tracks all revisions and updates
  • Fully searchable by word, phrase, or heading
  • Policies can be printed
  • Expiring policies reports
  • Automated review and approval process
  • Link regulatory standards in footnotes or references

See the Difference Our Software Can Make
Silver Hammer's Policy and Procedures software is a cost-effective solution that enables any organization to improve efficiency and policy compliance. Don't let your employees shuffle through ancient binders or access outdated information any longer. Switch to Silver Hammer's Policies and Procedures Program and experience the difference for yourself.

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