Incident Reporting

Incident management has become more than just a safety issue. It is also a strategic issue. Behavioral health organizations need the tools that allow them to report their incidents and analyze them to better control risks and improve the delivery of services which in turn improves the quality of care.

Relying on a second-rate incident reporting system or, worse yet, handling incident reporting manually makes the entire process more difficult and time consuming than it need be. When you're rushing around trying to find the right forms and contact all the necessary people, it's all too easy to forget to include an important detail or for forms to get lost in the shuffle.

Silver Hammer's Incident Reporting System enables behavioral health organizations to improve their operational efficiency while enhancing risk control.

Our comprehensive and integrated web based software will meet all incident reporting, management and monitoring requirements established by any governing agency as well as internal reporting needs.

Here are some of the features you'll enjoy with our system:

  • Simple step-by- step survey style entry system
  • Print state required reports and forms
  • Electronic approval and review processing
  • Statistical and QA reports, including incident by type, location, program, and client
  • Requires all necessary data and forms to be completed prior to submission
  • Customized to meet your organizations unique needs and workflow

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Couple the powerful features available in this program with the ease of managing incidents and it's easy to see why Silver Hammer's web based Incident Reporting System is the choice for you.

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