Human Resources

If you're looking for a way to simplify and streamline your entire human resources department, to provide an easy way to carry out complex tasks, to track when your employees' professional licenses expire, and to track, monitor, and review all of your employee data, our Human Resources System has everything you want and need.

Simplify Human Resources Tasks

Instead of letting the stress of human resources tasks get to you, stop the stress at its source by using our Human Resources System to streamline all of your responsibilities and to organize your data.

Individualized Employee Tracking Includes:
Personal info
Position info-title, salary, department etc.
EEO activity
Education & licensing credentials
Scanned documents-SS cards, licenses, etc.
Payroll info including garnishments
Clinical privileges
Vacation/sick/personal time used
Performance evaluations
Leave of absences
Items assigned phones, laptops, etc.)
Hepatitis B & TB testing
Alerts when licenses are about to expire
Individualized Applicant Tracking Includes:
Personal info-experience, level of education, etc.)
Interviews and offers
Required documents

We'd list our reports features, but they're just too numerous to include here. Suffice it to say we will create every report you can possibly use.

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