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Silver Hammer Associates, LLC is proud to introduce Animal Control Manager, our web based, mobile software that improves the efficiency and standardization of animal control service request management.


animal control softwareThe duty of animal control officers is to ensure the health and welfare of the community and its animals. To effectively carry out those duties requires a well-organized and efficient animal control staff that has the tools necessary to do their job. Silver Hammer's Animal Control System provides these tools.

With our system you can also use any kind of mobile device - tablet or smartphone - to make your ACOs' jobs easier in the field.


  • Our system is web based you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • An easy-to-use service request management tool allows officers in the field to quickly log and document animal issues with photographs and notes.
  • Works with Google Maps
  • Officers can generate activity reports and reports with case aging to gain insight into violations and repeat offenses.
  • A robust set of reports including activity reports, status reports, shift count, mileage reports, TNR activity reports and more.
  • Field officers can use time tracking to log the time they spend on service requests for staff and management review, enabling better understanding of how budget funds are spent and support for future budgeting needs.
  • Because our system is web based you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. No need to keep up on software updates. You will always have the latest updates.

Animal Control Management Made More Efficient

Remote access to cases, the ability to communicate with other officers, the ability to generate notices and schedule visits in the field, and standardization of the service request management process increase effectiveness.

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